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Here  is the gear I am currently using.....


This is the one thing that has remained with me consistently over 30 years of playing. GHS has been on every concert I have played in my life. I use a custom set. Bunished Nickel Roundwound .011, . 015, .018, .028, .038, .050. I love the warm rich vintage Blues tone but with an amazing full presence in the high end. 

Screenshot 2021-06-06 at 19.31.17.png

From the very first time I laid ears on you it was eternal love. Whether on stage or in the studio my VOXAC-30 is my preferred guitar amplifier. This classic gives me my guitar sound...enough bite to add that edge to my playing but enough body to make my guitar really sing. 

Screenshot 2021-06-06 at 19.58.28.png

If you have heard me play acoustic guitar on CD or live in the K. Walters Project, you have heard my Furch. These are incredibly well made great sounding but affordable instruments. Unfortunately, Furch no longer makes the exact model of acoustic guitar I use, however, if you click on the link you will be able to connect to model that is the closest to mine. The only real difference is that now the back is high gloss. 

Les Paul.jpg
Khalifcaster 4.jpg

For the last 3 years these have been my main weapons of choice. The first is a brand name and then the second, I made from parts myself. Both the brand name guitar and my Khalifcaster4 are customized. They're wired with my secret sauce mix of top quality cloth covered wire and components. They feature the same pickup combination which I decided upon after many many experiments. Although, I will not reveal the exact combination, I wanted a stinging edgy but clean bridge pickup (Billy Gibbons, Angus Young) and a warm round creamy smooth singing rhythm pickup (Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell). When I use them together they give me that amazing Khalif Wailin' Walter Funk tone. 


TC Electronic Polytune2 Tuner
Keeley D& M Drive 
Keeley Fuzz Bender
Strymon El Capistan
Strymon Lex
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